Sponsors and Partners

Our strategic partnership with CSI

In 2014 the Centre for Social Impact and Social Leadership Australia joined forces to deliver the first Australian conference on Collective Impact – the sell-out Collective Impact 2014: convene immerse learn conference. The organisations established an initial website – called Collaboration for Impact – to provide a place for conference participants and other practitioners of Collective Impact to connect and learn from each other.

In these origins as a community of practice, CFI operated with largely voluntary resource. Between 2014-2015 the Centre for Social Impact provided initial founding support to CFI. CSI provided the vehicle for CFI’s operations and provided substantial financial and in-kind support.

CFI incorporated as a separate entity in 2015 and CSI became its strategic partner. CSI and CFI continue to partner in the advancement of best practice of collaboration in tackling complex social issues.

Collaboration for Impact 2017 is bringing together Australian leaders from local communities, Government, not-for-profit and philanthropic organisations, to help participants learn, lead and change the future of social impact in Australia. This is an unrivalled opportunity to engage face-to-face with a highly targeted audience of decision makers and social impact influencers.

For more information on sponsorship, please contact the Conference Secretariat;

Nikki Abercrombie: Phone: 0418 283 397
Email: cfi@abercrombiemanagement.com.au

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